ONE Act a Week: Use your wit to help us push out our #ipredict petition

Action: 36. Time: 5 minutes. Level of difficulty: Moderate.


Yesterday, we jumped on the April Fool’s Day bandwagon, shaking the foundation of all that is holy on the Internet: We joked that YouTube was banning kittens.

To the relief of millions, ONE staff included, that will never happen. Nor will our other crazy predictions: that Charlie Sheen will be president, that fax machines are making a comeback or that pigs will fly.

But one prediction we made, that we will see the beginning of the end of AIDS by 2015, can come true. And that’s why we need your help (and wit) today — to help us get the word out. As our Chief Marketing Officer Jeff Davidoff said, “ONE does not buy commercial time on TV or the web -– you are our media plan — for every launch, for every message.”

Make a crazy prediction of your own and use it to get people to sign our petition.

First, watch the video and sign the petition if you haven’t already. Then, get on Twitter and share our petition using your own crazy prediction. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #ipredict AND #oaaw (which stands for “ONE Act a Week”). That way, we can keep track of all your tweets and give one lucky participant an awesome ONE T-shirt. Your tweet should look like this (make sure it’s under 140 characters):

[Insert your prediction here] #oaaw #ipredict @ONECampaign

Here are some awesome examples from our friends on Twitter:





Be sure to use both hashtags. We’ll feature our favorite tweets on the blog and choose one person at random to receive a ONE T-shirt! #ipredict we’ll get some good laughs out of this…

And if you don’t have Twitter, no worries. Share your crazy prediction on Facebook, tagging it as @ONE.