Tax Tool: How does your state compare?

Last week we asked you to tally your state’s foreign aid contribution using our nifty tax tool. Even with a mere 1 percent of money headed to HIV treatments, vaccines, bed nets, and other life-saving programs, the numbers are big and beautiful. Here are your findings:

From the great Northeast, Miriam shared that lighthouse-loving Maine pays for 96,446,875 days of HIV treatments. Almost 100 million? Not too shabby. The state’s 551,125 households also finance an impressive 22 million vaccines and 38.5 million bed nets.

Paul and Christie repped the Midwest with their stats from Wisconsin and Ohio. The “Dairyland” state proudly contributes 500 million days of HIV treatment, along with more than 111 million vaccines and 20 million bed nets. Ohio topped those figures with a whopping 860 million days of treatment, nearly 196 million vaccines, and 36 million bed nets.

In the West, New Mexico’s residents make 127 million days of treatments possible, as well as more than 28.5 million vaccines and 5.3 million bed nets. Lest we forget the South, Abigail reported her state of Oklahoma’s share, which just tops that of New Mexico: nearly 232 million days of HIV treatments, more than 52.5 million vaccines, and 10 million bed nets.

Folks from around the country are making a difference by contributing just 1 percent. They’re helping to ensure healthier, happier, and longer lives for others — and you can’t put a dollar figure on that. Make your voice heard by signing our petition.