The Great GAFSP Challenge: Rename a global agriculture program

***UPDATE 4/5/2012: Voting start time and number of prizes have changed. See changes below.***

Ever wondered who came up with the name MDG? Well, that could be you…


Acronyms. Here in the fight for global poverty, the acronyms often feel endless. GAVI. PEPFAR. And the problem is that people often don’t know what they mean.

Today, we need your help fixing one of these mouthfuls. GAFSP. The Global Agriculture and Food Security Program. It has a powerful mission, but a pretty clunky name. In fact, most people have never heard of GAFSP, as you’ll see in this video:

So our goal is to get ONE members like you to rename GAFSP before the G8 in May. Why? Because we want to make it easier for people to understand this powerful program and help make sure it gets the funding it needs.

How does GAFSP work? Countries (like Ethiopia and Liberia) devise their own agriculture plans -– to build irrigation canals, to start farmer training programs, to do whatever they think will work. Then, national governments and donors from around the world (US, Canada, Spain) provide funding to help put these plans into action. Pretty life-changing stuff.

So tell us what you think GAFSP’s new name should be. Send in your entry today and we’ll take a look at all the suggestions, narrow it down to a top 10, and let ONE members pick their favorite. Then we’ll deliver our top picks to G8 decision makers -– and we’ve already given them a heads up that this is coming. They’re really excited to see the results (no joke). And our hope is that one of your names will get picked.

So, here are the rules:

1. Learn more about GAFSP by looking at some of the resources below:

Read the About Section of GAFSP’s website
Check out our blog post on the launch of GAFSP in April 2010
Watch their promo video:

2. Submit your entry here:

Explain your entry here (250 characters):


3. Come back to on April 9 to vote on the top 7 names

4. We’ll announce the finalists on April 18 –- and the top 3 will get ONE hoodies and beaded bracelets.

Last piece of advice: Be ridiculously creative and please feel free to think outside the box. Capture this program in one word or four. Use an acronym. Make a logo. Go wild. Tell us how you think the world should talk and think about GAFSP. And don’t wait for the results to be revealed. List your entry in the comments below and get folks to voice their support today!