Well wishes for Senator Mark Kirk of Illinois

ONE Illinois member Jivko Chiderov reports:

One of our Illinois senators, Senator Mark Kirk suffered a stroke in January. Thankfully he seems to be recovering well.

Senator Kirk is no stranger to the fight against extreme poverty and disease. In the past, he has fought hard to make sure poverty-fighting programs got the funding they deserve. And in 2009, he was a lead author on a proposal to help make US development aid more effective.

A few days ago ONE members from all over the state signed our online get-well card for the Senator, which we made into a large poster for him. Yesterday, ONE member Genoveva Petrova joined me in delivering the poster from Illinois ONE members to the Senator’s downtown Chicago office. The Senator’s Press Secretary, Erin Athas, met with us and accepted the card and our well wishes on the Senator’s behalf. She was glad to hear that we were keeping up with Senator Kirk’s progress and said that he enjoys reading the get-well cards he receives, and in fact he keeps them all in his room. Erin thought the Senator would be excited and happy to see our poster and read the thoughtful notes from Illinois ONE members.

Erin asked us about ONE and our goals and was happy to hear of our volunteers’ activities in Illinois. We are all delighted that Senator Kirk is recovering well. His strength and positive outlook are inspiring and we hope he will return to representing us in the Senate soon.