Senator Menendez celebrates women trailblazers in New Jersey

This past Sunday, New Jersey ONE members had the opportunity to attend Senator Menendez’s third annual Women of Distinction Awards in Jersey City to celebrate Women’s History Month.

NJ ONE_Menendez_WomenTrailBlazerAwards_03-11-2012_1

Six New Jersey women were presented with the Evangelina Menendez Trailblazer Award, which was named in honor of the Senator’s late mother. Because of his mother, a quiet yet strong Cuban immigrant, Senator Menendez understands the importance of empowering women, not only in New Jersey and our country, but around the world.

Women are so often the cornerstone of their families and communities. Supporting women and girls with opportunities for education is key to a better future for themselves and their families as well as helping to break the cycle of extreme poverty. For less than 1 percent of the budget, US investments are helping to empower women and girls, giving them the chance to live a healthy life and provide for their families.

It was great to see the Senator again and give him yet another ONE wristband, which he immediately put on. We thank the Senator for working with his colleagues last year to prevent cuts to proven life-saving programs like PEPFAR, GAVI and Feed the Future. New Jersey ONE members look forward to working with him again this year!

If you’d like to learn more about what New Jersey ONE members are doing, please visit the ONE Mid-Atlantic Facebook page.

-Barb Barrar, Congressional District Leader (NJ-1)