Obama, Cameron discuss global poverty at White House event


We were pleased that both President Obama and UK Prime Minister David Cameron mentioned their support for our issues in their remarks at Mr. and Mrs. Cameron’s official White House arrival ceremony this morning. The visit symbolizes the countries’ deepening relationship, as outlined in their joint op-ed in the Washington Post yesterday.


“So we will stand united in advancing the developments that lift people and nations out of poverty — the new crops that feed a village, the care that saves a mother in childbirth, the vaccine that allows a child to live a long and healthy life,” said President Obama.

Prime Minister Cameron called out poverty-fighting NGOs by name: “When the most audacious and entrepreneurial philanthropists, like the Gates Foundation, want not just to give out to charity but to eliminate polio and other avoidable diseases so that no child in our world should die unnecessarily, they find partners across the Atlantic in the British aid agencies, like Save the Children, Oxfam, and Christian Aid.”

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