Inspired online, new member experiences ONE offline

My interest in ONE started simply because I saw a commercial on TV. The public service announcement was “The F Word: Famine is the Real Obscenity.” The message was forward and direct; all ONE asked for was my voice. A message like that from some of the greatest voices on the planet, I knew that adding my voice was the least I could do. Then, I set up my Twitter account, followed online and began adding my voice. I followed the ONE tweets, blogs and articles and soon they became my teacher.


I take to heart human life with a passion, for which I think the current SEC petition campaign is very relevant. It’s important to ensure extraction companies report on funds they’re giving to foreign governments for the betterment of the world. I believe transparency helps provide a better human life.


Last week, I attended my first ONE event at the Opening Bell Coffee House in Dallas, Texas. It was open mic night, and long-time ONE Member Kyle Talkington opened up with a good introduction about ONE. They had set up a table with a petition list to provide your name and email and were handing out fliers and ONE wristbands at the front of the room. When I walked up to talk with Kyle and Rustin, I grew a new respect for them for volunteering. I’m glad I set aside my time that night. Meeting some ONE members face-to-face helped me see the importance of doing something offline. I hope to dedicate more time, influence and positive outlooks to the world. For me ONE is simple: We can think as one, we can be as one, we can act as ONE. Peace.

-Brent Frysinger, ONE member Dallas, Texas

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