10 good new year’s resolutions for activists

New year’s resolutions are always about finding ways to change our own lives for the better — quitting smoking, eating less fatty foods, working out more… you know how it goes. But what about using our resolutions to improve the lives of the world’s poorest? Or using them to make a positive impact on our own communities? Perhaps thinking beyond ourselves this year will give us more of an incentive to keep our resolutions!

ONE Members stuff folders with the Fix this Budget petitions
ONE Members stuff folders with the Fix this Budget petitions
We looked to our ONE members on the blog and Facebook for recommendations and ideas on this very subject. Their suggestions ranged from making donations to raising awareness for issues at home and abroad. Here are our top 10 favorite activist resolutions:

1. Become a mentor to someone in your community. -Kara Moseby

2. Participate in a CROP Hunger Walk -Robert Jordan [Ed note: These events take place nationwide and are sponsored by Church World Service. Find a walk near you here.]

3. Join the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. I love being a Big Sister! -Erica Barnes

4. Take or teach first aid courses. -Martin Cabrera

5. Ask my elderly and lonely neighbors more if I can help out, and otherwise just stop for some small talk more often… -Liesbeth Mobach

6. Pressure local politicians to address poverty at the city and regional levels. -Lori Bennetts-Houghton

7. Do one act of kindness for someone each week, whether it is a large or small act, in order to make a difference of kindness in the world. -Talisa Wortham

8. Donate money to causes close to your heart and shop with as many socially-conscious retailers/vendors as possible. -Ellen Kern

9. Be aware of human rights abuses at home and all around the world! -Crea Nolan

10. Designate one day per week to make a positive impact, big or small. -Adrianne Khanolkar [Ed note: ONE Act a Week is a good place to start!]


Thanks to all the ONE members who made suggestions to this blog post. If you have any other resolutions, please share them with us in the comments below.