In case you missed it: 12 Days of Change

For the past 12 days, we’ve been tweeting, blogging and Facebooking 12 easy ways to give back and change the world right in your own community, without writing a single check. We hope you’ve been following along with our incredible cast of mom bloggers (and one dad!) who have been helping us announce these actions and take them along with us. A huge thanks to Amy Oztan, of Selfish Mom (@SelfishMom), for helping us to coordinate this campaign -– and to all of our bloggers who participated:

Day 1: Watch ONE and (RED)’s World AIDS Day event. Note: You can now watch the recorded version on our YouTube channel. -Jyl Johnson Pattee, Mom It Forward (@jylmomIF)

Day 2: Make some holiday treats for a neighbor or friend. -Selfish Mom (@selfishmom)

Day 3: Like ONE on Facebook. -Cecily Kellogg, Upper Case Woman (@CecilyK)

Day 4: Give up one luxury item for a day. -Catherine Connors, Her Bad Mother (@herbadmother)

Day 5: Share the Living Proof with your friends. -Emily McKhann, The Motherhood (@theMotherhood)

Day 6: Make an (2015)QUILT panel. –Ellen Seidman, Love That Max (@LoveThatMax)

Day 7: Donate to your local food bank. -Holly Rosen, The Culture Mom (@TheCultureMom)

Day 8: Turn off all your electronics after dinner. -Heidi Leder, Coast to Coast Mom (@C2CMom)

Day 9: Send a message of love and thanks. -Nancy Friedman, From Hip to Housewife (@Hip2Housewife)

Day 10: Thank an NGO for their work. -Mitch Chaitin, GayNYCDad (@GayNYCDad)

Day 11: Educate against extreme poverty. -Rebecca Levey, Beccarama (@beccasara)

Day 12: Send a holiday card to your member of Congress. -Liz Gumbinner, Mom 101 (@Mom101)

And just because the 12 days are up doesn’t mean you can’t keep knocking these simple actions off all year long. Joining the fight against extreme poverty -– both here in our own communities and around the world -– can be as simple as dropping off a can at your local food bank or signing a petition asking your member of Congress to support proven, lifesaving programs that are making a difference in the lives of the world’s poorest. One thing we know, it’s that no action is too small. And in fact, you can start taking action today simply by joining ONE. We’ll be sure to supply you with a steady list of engaging and informative actions you can take every day that will help us to keep the fight against extreme poverty and disease going all year round.