AIDS’ fifth and final act

With World AIDS Day just around the corner, a new movement has formed to drive momentum toward the goal of ending the AIDS crisis by 2020: ACT V (Five), led by Leigh Blake and Paul Zeitz. It’s called Act V because, as they see it, the AIDS movement has been defined by four key acts over the last three decades, and today we stand on the cusp of a 5th and final act:

    1. We speak up
    2. We gain ground
    3. We escalate the fight
    4. We look away
    5. We can end AIDS

ACT V has been working with ONE and dozens of other coalition partners, asking for a historic commitment by President Obama on World AIDS Day this Thursday. At a time when there is so much promise around the new science of HIV prevention, we are excited about the momentum that is already building.

Be sure to check out ACT V’s website and their infographic “AIDS: In Five Acts” to see how far we’ve come and where we’re going in the fight against the epidemic.