David Crowder*Band and ONE rock the Palmetto State

Group photo with the band

I was very lucky to be part of a tremendous group of volunteers last Thursday night as we went out to the Furman University campus in Greenville, South Carolina to be a force for change as we enlisted the support of all of the great folks at the David Crowder*Band show. I’ve done a few tabling events for ONE at other concerts which has always been cool, but the crowd that night was just so supportive and ready to sign on to our petition around the crisis in the Horn of Africa that it was such a beautiful and uplifting experience.

Signing people up on the ONE iPads

David Crowder signs our ONE Vote 2012 banner

Aubrey Crawford and Emily Moeller, two of the great volunteers I mentioned earlier, had this to say about the experience:

“Working at the David Crowder*Band concert in Greenville, South Carolina was our first real experience promoting the ONE cause. We weren’t really sure what to expect, but we were pleasantly surprised at how welcoming the ONE staff was and how passionate they were about their cause. Seth, the ONE representative touring with the David Crowder*Band, was very knowledgeable and excited for us to be a part of this experience. Seth’s passion for the cause was evident and contagious. Once the word was out about the ONE Campaign, people began congregating at the table, very eager to sign the petition. Many people wanted to know more about ONE and the team was very eager to answer and engage the concertgoers. The evening proved to be a success and the Greenville ONE team was thrilled to find out that we reached close to 500 signatures!”

By the end of the concert, I think we had personally spoken to almost everyone there. It was such a great feeling as we tried to look through the crowd and couldn’t find anyone we hadn’t already signed up. People even helped us find new folks to sign up as they were leaving the venue.

The David Crowder*Band took a few minutes to talk to us after everyone left, and snapped a picture with our group. They even signed our ONE Vote 2012 banner that we have been taking all across South Carolina to show support for ONE’s issues, and that we will deliver to the presidential campaigns. The band got some VIP space on the banner and signed right on the ONE logo! What a great and inspirational night in Greenville.

-Charlie Harris, South Carolina Field Organizer, ONE Vote 2012