ONE Act a Week: Urge USAID to fund quality education for the world’s children


Action: 19. Time: 5 minutes. Level of difficulty: Easy. For the results of last week’s action, click here.

Right now, we have the opportunity to make a real impact on quality education for the world’s poorest children, but we need your help. The Global Partnership for Education, an organization that helps fund effective educational programs in developing countries, is up for a replenishment next week in Copenhagen.

From now until then, we need to push the US government hard to support this important organization, because we know they have the capacity to do amazing things. Between 2002 and 2009, the Partnership’s developing country partners sent 19 million more kids to school and increased primary school completion to 68 percent. And if donors fully fund the Global Partnership for the next three years, they could help send 25 million more children to primary school.

Using the form below, please write a message to USAID Administrator Raj Shah. Tell him, along with your personal message, that the US should go to Copenhagen with a pledge of $375 million over the next three years for the Global Partnership for Education.

Here are some resources in case you need help with what to say:

– Blog post “A good investment to education
– Blog post “New name, new start: The Global Partnership for Education
– Hot Topic: Raise a Hand for Education

We’ll send your messages to Administrator Shah via Twitter at 5PM on Monday, November 7 so he can read them in time for the replenishment. Next Friday, we’ll share some of your messages right here on the ONE Blog, so stay tuned.

ONE Act a Week is a weekly anti-poverty action to get you thinking, talking, sharing and learning about our issues. If we all just donated a few moments of our time each week, we can make some serious magic happen.