In-district meeting with Rep. McIntyre’s office

October 2011+Evannes 062
ONE members Jessie Lynn Hagen, Jennifer Gulberg Smith, Judy Stubblefield, Congressional District Leader Rachel Fox and I met with Kara Spencer, the foreign affairs aide to Congressman Mike McIntyre, in his downtown Wilmington, N.C., office this week to encourage his office to take action against cuts to critical life-saving programs in the 2012 federal budget.

Throughout our discussion, we stressed the importance of keeping the aid budget intact for both humanitarian and security reasons. In an era of widespread global conflict and instability, it is important for us here in the US to promote compassion around the world as well as to encourage alliances that will make the world a safer place.

As our world continues to shrink and borders become less defined, it is our responsibility to understand that our well-being is closely tied to the continued growth of living standards and good governance abroad… In this respect, development programs are vital investments that will serve the interests of the American and the global economy.

Our meeting was very reassuring. Kara explained that Congressman McIntyre’s priorities were similar to our own, telling us that he has visited Africa several times and that he understands the importance of continuing to fully fund development programs. She also thanked us and all ONE members, for spreading the word that with just 1 percent of our annual budget, we can have a huge positive effect for people around the world.

Overall, the meeting was a chance for all five of us to truly understand the passion and power of ONE. We were thrilled and honored to be able to speak up and advocate for those currently living in extreme poverty. Beginning with just ONE voice, we really can work together to transform the lives of millions.

-Jocelyn Walson, ONE member, North Carolina