VIDEO: Laura Bush raises her voice for mothers across the world

When we began thinking about Mother’s Day and our plans to highlight how moms across the world just want what is best for our children, former First Lady Laura Bush was the first person we thought of. Who better to help us tell the story than a daughter and a mom who has spent much of the last decade promoting the well-being of mothers and children — families — around the world?

To me, Mrs. Bush has always represented what is best about America. She is gracious in her determination to help “the least of these” no matter where they live. She is firm in her conviction that helping children live and go to school will lead to greater futures for us all. And, she is inspiring in her ability to motivate others to add their voices to the mission.

While no longer in the White House, Mrs. Bush remains committed to the success of programs like PEPFAR and PMI to help prevent and treat HIV/AIDS and malaria. She is a lifelong champion of reading and literacy, and a strong advocate for educating children in the developing world. She also knows, as a mom, that mothers all over the world share the same dreams for our children. Some of us -– especially in the developing world — just have more obstacles to overcome to achieve those dreams.

At ONE, we are honored that Mrs. Bush agreed to send a Mother’s Day message for us. We hope you will take a minute to view her video and pass it along. We believe this video will live long past Mother’s Day because, as Mrs. Bush so eloquently suggests, “Let’s make every day a Happy Mother’s Day.”

Thanks to all of you out there who join with all of us to help make that happen. We will succeed.