Storming Capitol Hill for petition drop-offs

Yesterday, a group of us stormed Capitol Hill to drop off petition signatures from our ONE members, which asked senators to keep US funding to the world’s poor. Donning our ever-so-stylish ONE shirts, we went door-to-door to advocate for the continuation of life-saving US efforts to help those who need it most.

As you know, the Senate is currently in talks over making huge cuts to programs that fight HIV/AIDS, hunger and preventable disease in this year’s budget. Making these cuts will not solve the US fiscal crisis, but will instead cost countless lives and only further spread disease.

Each packet included the signed petitions and voices of each senator’s constituents, as well as a personal letter from Tom Hart, ONE’s Senior Director for US Government Relations. We went on a mission to deliver the petitions that expressed the little effect that this budget cut would have on American lives, and the huge one it would have on those most in need.

Our group went around the Senate buildings dropping off the petitions to all the senators. My group was in charge of drop-offs in the Russell building, which included the offices of Sen. John McCain, Sen. John Kerry, Sen. Jim Inhofe, Sen. Kay Hutchinson and Sen. Jim Webb, to name a few.

Several of the senators’ staffers said that they were well-aware of our mission, thanks to the number of phone calls you all made yesterday. Needless to say, we were thrilled to hear this. We couldn’t have made it this far without each and every one of your voices.

The petition delivery was an overall success and was well-received. Stay tuned for further developments.