Fun with maps: Africa is bigger than it seems

A few weeks, ago, we posted a link to a map called “The True Size of Africa,” an eye-opening infographic with one main message: Africa is HUGE. No wonder it became a worldwide viral sensation. Looking at a regular old map of the world, no one could ever guess that Africa is the size of China, the United States, India, Japan and eight other countries and regions combined.

But of course, the Economist had to fact-check it (and rightly so — I mean, it’s a pretty big statement) in their fittingly titled article last week, “The true true size of Africa.” The publication argues about various cartography methods even tries its hand at making a new version of the map. But the bottom line is still the same: “Africa is much bigger than it looks on most maps.”

Lauren Pfeifer from our policy team wanted to make sure that we included this bit, “Why are we changing maps?” from the West Wing, which is apparently “during the ‘Big Block of Cheese Day’ episode” where “they want to flip the map upside down.” I’ve never watched the show, but I trust that it’s great. Enjoy!