Hope from the Horn of Africa

News coverage of the African continent can sometimes neglect the vast political, economic and cultural diversity of its many people and nations. But NPR’s recent radio piece on Somaliland serves as a breath of fresh air.

Situated in the Horn of Africa in a region made famous for chronic war and militant groups, Somaliland is breaking the mold and proving that “relative political and civil stability” is possible.

According to NPR, Somaliland just recently held a small-scale trade fair aimed at showcasing its products in order to attract foreign investment and improve its trade relationship with the international community. Emerging from civil war, the developing success story is even gaining attention from Washington for its unconventional levels of stability and security. To support flourishing cases like that of Somaliland, Johnnie Carson, the assistant secretary of state for African affairs, has indicated that the United States is planning to send more diplomats to Somaliland and increase its modest level of aid.