Talking about Malaria in Minnesota

Shortly after having our workshop and meet up for “The Lazaurs Effect”, ONE members in Minnesota gathered to learn about malaria. Despite the many things going on in the Twin Cities this weekend, we had a great turn out and 18 members took time out of a beautiful summer afternoon to hear about how they can help eradicate malaria!

I took what I learned from being part of the Malaria Griot Project and presented on what the disease is, it’s impact, history, treatment and prevention methods as well as how people can get involved. Along with this information on malaria, I touched on The Global Fund. Many of our members were interested in learning more about The Global Fund after hearing about it during “The Lazarus Effect” meet up. I told them about the effect The Global Fund has on combatting malaria and how important telling our representatives that we support it will be in the coming months.

We even had an engaging discussion at the end, where several new and familiar faces talked about ways they can help. I had several new faces tell me afterwards that they are looking forward to future events and meeting with our congress-people and senators during the August recess! I am so happy to kick-off my year-long plan for fighting malaria with so much support and enthusiasm from my fellow ONE Twin Cities members!

-Reena Dhake – ONE Twin Cities Congressional District Leader and Malaria Griot