Dr. Jill Biden visits Kibera

Here’s a post from our partners at Carolina for Kibera (CFK). As you may remember, CFK was recently chosen by the University of Michigan—this year’s ONE Campus Challenge winners—to receive a $10,000 prize.
Last week, Carolina for Kibera was thrilled to host Dr. Jill Biden as she and her family arrived to take a tour of Kibera, East Africa’s largest slum. On her visit, she toured CFK’s Binti Pamoja (“Daughters United”), a reproductive health, women’s rights, and leadership development center. Using drama, dance, creative writing and peer education, the program creates safe spaces for girls in the slum to explore issues that affect them, including HIV/AIDS, drug abuse, rape and sexual health. Graduates of the program are then trained to lead their own community groups, expanding the reach of the program to over 700 girls.

Aliyah Wanjira, a Binti alumni leader, then showed Dr. Biden her home in Gatwekera village and shared with her the role that Binti Pamoja played in developing her confidence and equipping her to be a leader and role model for girls in Kibera.

Hear more from Dr. Biden about her journey in the video below:

-Leann Bankoski, Executive Director, Carolina For Kibera, Inc.
Photos courtesy of USAID/Kenya – M. Peru