Two Ways You Can Be Nuru

Check out this special invitation from our friends at Nuru International. As founder Jake Harriman said in an earlier Veterans Day post, NURU “doesn’t give handouts, but instead through training and empowerment actually equips the poor to become the answers to their own problems.”

Nuru International invites you to join in our efforts to end extreme poverty together one community at a time.

So what is Nuru? Nuru—a Kiswahili word that means light—is an organization made up of dedicated men and women like you who pursuing sustainable solutions to end extreme poverty.

How can you get more involved with Nuru? We’ve got two suggestions for you (and plenty more ideas here):

  1. Host an event to share Nuru’s story with your campus or city. We’ve got three folks from Nuru currently traveling the country to share our story and to invite others to get involved. See when they’re coming to a city near you here.
  2. Participate in “Be Hope To Her” (BH2O+) on April 12-18. The campaign aims to create awareness about the need for clean water access in the developing world. It also aims to shine a spotlight on the role women play—walking long distances several times a day to fetch and carry water for their families. In 2009, almost $37,000 was raised to drill 4 deep wells at primary schools in Kuria, Kenya—and we’re hoping to build on that this year. And why the unique nickname? There are three reasons:

    “H2O”—lack of access to clean drinking water impacts over one billion people.
    “O+”—Many times women and girls carry the burden of water collection for their families.
    “B”—Men and women have an opportunity to “be” the change for thousands of Kenyans currently lacking clean water access.

Check out the video below to learn more. And want to join the fight? Then email [email protected] to learn more about how to bring this event to your area.

Will you join our efforts? Together, we can make a difference for thousands of people.

Be the change you want to see.

Be hope. Be light.

Be Nuru.

-Billy Williams, Grassroots Movement Director, Nuru International