These famous faces are all supporting the DO AGRIC campaign.

D’banj, award-winning musician and ONE member.


There are massive untapped business opportunities in agriculture which could create jobs for millions of Africans on and off the farm. I want Africans to know that farming is not only the foundation of the economy, but also that farming is cool. I believe that, if the needed attention is given to agriculture, we Africans will not only feed ourselves, but also the rest of the world.


Yaya Touré, Manchester City and Cote d’Ivoire national team footballer.


While other African leaders have made statements of good will, currently only 8 countries have kept their promise to invest 10% of their national budgets in agriculture. It is therefore essential to do more, to go further. Agriculture is not only important, it is also vital. Agriculture pays.


Juliani, award-winning Kenyan hip hop musician.


There is no excuse for us to go hungry, or for youth to be unemployed. We are blessed by good land, a good environment, willing and able hands, and the latest technology and know-how. We can do all that is necessary for us to live in dignity and good health — and to realize our full potential as Africans.

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Dear African leaders,
We can grow millions of jobs, feed Africa and create a better future if you keep your promises to invest in agriculture and support smallholder farmers.